Loan Periods

DVDs may be checked out for one week, all other materials may be checked out for three weeks. All items may be renewed if no one else is waiting for them. You can renew materials over the phone, online or in person, please have your library card handy because we will ask for the barcode number. DVDs are limited to seven per card; you may have a total of 75 items on your card.

Frequent Questions

  • I have a fine on my card; can I still check out books?
  • Once you have reached $10.00 on your card, you will not be allowed to check out materials or use the computers until the fines are paid.
  • May I return items to another library?
  • Yes, all items may be returned to the other five libraries in our system.
  • Can others use my card to borrow items?
  • Yes, but remember, everything checked out on YOUR card is YOUR responsibility. The library accepts no responsibility to verify that a patron presenting a card is authorized to use it.