An exciting program for infants and their caregivers!

Babygarten is much more than a play group! Infants and their caregivers share nursery rhymes, songs, and books, and make fun projects that demonstrate developmental milestones–usually a homemade toy or a baby book item.

Many projects and activities emphasize the importance of reading to babies, and caregivers learn how to do this most effectively. Instructors also share insight about infant development and parenting for early literacy.

Babygarten brings caregivers and babies together for an hour of stimulating experiences intended to nurture the bond between caregiver and child, and to increase the caregiver’s awareness of their child’s development. Babygarten’s primary focus is the healthy development of infants 0-18 months old with an emphasis on language enrichment and early literacy skills.

Each Babygarten class consists of a 30-minute activity session followed by 30 minutes of free-play time. Caregivers should wear loose comfortable clothing and are strongly encouraged to sing loudly and have fun!

Babygarten meets once a week for six weeks.

Babygarten Action Shots

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