Jump Start

For Ages 3-5.

Jump Start combines research, theory and practice to introduce literacy activities that help to foster a deep appreciation for learning. Based on the premise that children learn best through repetition, each Jump Start session will choose a focus text that will be presented in different ways each week. This repetition enables experiences to develop and strengthens a variety of skills. Repetition with variety not only expands these experiences but also enhances brain development.

Each book presented will be introduced in ways that will involve a variety of senses and provide developmentally appropriate activities based on play. Activities throughout the class will use multiple intelligences for different learning styles and opportunities for scaffolded learning through repetition with variety.

Jump Start will offer numerous fun activities that inspire imagination, encourage creativity and help children exercise problem-solving skills through language and literacy fun, songs, rhymes and music, as well as math, science, art, drama and social development activities.

Each week Jump Start participants will explore important early literacy concepts such as letter knowledge, phonological awareness, vocabulary, print awareness, as well as gaining narrative skills and number knowledge.

Centered on the principle that a caregiver is a child’s first and most valuable teacher, the program will offer caregivers the opportunity to make connections and incorporate practices essential for helping children develop reading readiness.

Jump Start meets once a week for 6 weeks and each class will last approximately one-hour.

Jump Start Action Shots

  • bear-hug
  • pink-boots
  • reading
  • yellow-sleeves
  • high-five

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