Public Use Computers


The Lester Public Library offers free public internet access for both patrons and visitors.

To use these computers you need a library card in good standing (not expired, less than $10 of fines) and a PIN number.  For all library purposes your PIN number is the last four digits of your phone number, unless you’ve specifically requested otherwise.  Any card issued from Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Brillion, Chilton, Kiel or New Holstein will work with our computer system.

Visitors: Please stop by the Help Desk to request a day pass for computer usage.

Public access computers are also equipped with Microsoft Office 2010 software and are networked to a black and white laser printer. Printing costs $.10 per page. Users are limited to a maximum of 2 hours/day.

Computers may be reserved or are available on a first come, first served basis. Call the Help desk at (920)793-7114 to reserve your time.

Computer Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a charge for using the computers?
  • No, not unless you print. Printing costs $.10 a page.
  • Can you reserve computers in advance?
  • Computers may be reserved up to a week in advance. Call the Help desk at (920)793-7114 to reserve a time.
  • Is there a time limit?
  • Yes. Patrons are allowed 2 one-hour sessions per day.
  • Can I bring my own paper?
  • If you need to print something on specialized paper (for example, a resume), you may use one of our two Word Processing computers.
  • What do I need to have to access the internet?
  • To use a computer, you must have a valid library card. Patrons with fines of $10.00 or more will not be able to use the computer until fines have been paid. Call the Help desk at (920)793-7114 to reserve a time.
  • What if I’m just visiting and don’t have a library card?
  • Short term visitors may ask for a Guest pass at the Help desk. These are only good for one day. If you plan on being in the area longer than a week, consider applying for a card.