Print From Home

Out of ink? Don’t have a printer that will handle the job? Send your documents to the Lester Public Library’s help desk at and pick them up when you’re ready. We will print them when you arrive at the library.

Printing cost: $.10 per page. If you need help, please contact the library’s Help Desk at (920)793-7114.

Faxing Service

The Lester Public Library offers faxing services for a small fee.

To send or receive faxes:

  • Cover sheet: free
  • Within the U.S.:  $1.00 per page
  • International: $5.00 per page

If you need to have a document faxed to you, please have the sender fax the document to 920-793-7151 and include the recipient’s name and phone number on the cover sheet.  If the fax includes the recipient’s contact information, staff will notify you when the document arrives.

All documents MUST be picked up within a week of receipt; anything left unclaimed longer than a week will be shredded.

The cost to receive faxes is $1.00 per page.

To send a fax, please stop by the library’s Help Desk.  If you have questions, contact the library’s Help Desk at (920)793-7114.