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The Local History Alive series connects local residents with their own history through lively and informative presentations. The series meets the mission of the library, in essence, providing access to lifelong learning that enriches our lives and community.

These programs will be hosted in the Lester Public Library’s Community Room.
No registration is required.

French connection

The French Canadian Connection to Two Rivers

Wednesday, September 20 6:00 PM

Rogers Street Fishing Village Executive Director Greg Goodchild describes the rich history of the French Canadians who migrated to Two Rivers from Quebec. The LeClairs, Allies, Gauthiers, Gagnons, LaFonds, Vaudreuils, Lonzos and Sanvilles arrived here in the mid-1800s, some coming via the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes in mackinaws to engage in fishing operations, and some seeking livelihoods in the booming logging industry. Discover what led them to settle here and establish the longest-running commercial fishing district on the Great Lakes.

Presenters Wanted

The Local History Alive series features a mix of professional and amateur historians discussing a wide range of topics that focus primarily on Two Rivers area history.

Whether you are a subject expert on a particular topic of local history or just someone with a passion for research and a story to tell, if you are willing to share your research, we’d like to hear from you. Please contact Jeff Dawson at (920)793-7104.